Bonnie in Clyde was the most action-filled movie Iv’e seen all semster and although that doesn’t say much it was still an entertaining movie.  This movie is about a very short bank-robbing spree of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and the rest of the Barrow Gang. What made Bonnie and Clyde so famous in history was the way they became famous at the time.  The Media unknowingly helped make the infamous couple famous by publishing pictures taken and the publishing of Bonnie’s last poem.

From the moment they are all united for the first time in the film the audience can’t help but like the Barrow Gang , they’re like one big awkward family at first but then they become a real family and you want to root for all of them (except for Blanche of course i was hopin someone’d shoot her from the first time she freaked out).  Even thought they rob banks you can still side with them because they prove their grudge is only with banks and “laws” they wish no harm to those who are in the banks grip.  They dont seem like evil bank robbers rather they are shown as trying to get back at the banks for the harm they have caused others. There is even a scene where they pick up a couple who’s car they robbed. At first the couple are wary of them since their fame of bank robbing murderes has spread.  Eventually the Barrow Gang befriends these people and we see that they are frielndly and amicable people regarless of their proffession of robbing banks.

In the end Bonnie and Clyde died in one of the longest and most brutal deaths i have ever seen and it is both unexpected and pretty sad.  Part of the scene is shot in slow motion and gives a more brutal effect as well as making the audiences despair that their heroes have met their end even worse.  In the end Bonnie and Clyde was a good and entertaining movie regardless of the heroes end and it was a good way to end a semester of film.

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2 Responses to “Bonnie & Clyde”

  1.   jgreenfield100 Says:

    I agree with your analysis of the movie. I also found myself siding with Bonnie and Clyde, and hoping that they would be able to escape and live free together. I liked how you talked about how Bonnie and Clyde were not out to harm the average citizen, but rather in it to harm the banks. There is another scene that would further support your point. The scene is, when Bonnie and Clyde robbed their first bank, and instead of robbing the farmer that happened to be there, Bonnie and Clyde only robbed the bank and let the people keep their money.

  2.   yeongbinkim Says:

    thanks for reminding me this film’s plot, i was going to write this one too.. anyways, i agree with ^ his idea that i hoped they would escape from there…. i can see your thoughts and ideas.. good work

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