The plot of this film is a simple one, about an old man living in poverty trying to sustain himself and his dog. This old man (Umberto) is about to be thrown out of his lodging by his heartless landlady who pays no heed to the things that could happen to him if he is thrown out onto the streets. seriuously what kind of souless bitch would though a man she used to call grandpa out on the street, BUT thats beside the point.  The movie goes on to show that to stay in this disgusting dirty old room that he’s called home for twenty years he begins to sells what few belongings he has. He goes to a charity hospitals and soup kitchens to try to save money. The only two people who he cares about are a young maid who lives in the room right across from him and his dog Flike.

Unfortunantely the maid (Maria Pia Casilio) and him cant possibly help each other as each has to many problems of their own. Maria seems to be following the same doomed path that Umberto is on as she is a  pregnant, unwed, teenager. She seems to be unaware of the fact that she will probably go through what Umberto is going through and  probably worse with a child. At one point because the y can’t really help each other Maria does not pay attention to Umberto’s dog, who she was supposed to watch, and eventually loses his dog. After desperate searching Umbeto finds Flike at the pound (after, of course, showing how little a man thinks of his dog being put down) and finally when things seem like they’re getting better he is forced out of his room.

Finally at the end of the film out on the streets defeated, Umberto tired of the fight tries to end his life by walking in front of an oncoming train with his dog in hand.  This was not his intention at first as he tried to find the dog a new, better home  but the dog not knwing of his master’s intentions was loyal to him until the end.  Or so it seemed as right before the train was to hit the dog in fear wriggles his way out of his arms and inadvertedly diverts him away from the path of the train.  The end of the film is Umberto gaining back the trust of his dog and playing with it down an alley in the park.

The movie from beginning to end is just the sad things that Umberto has to go through just to pay the rent on his home.  The whole time a person watches and they want to root for him they realize that even if he does get enough money he has to go through the same troubles the next month and the month after that.  the film plays on the viewer’s emotions as they wish that everything will end well for this character but they realize that he is fighting a losing battle and that he will never win it.  The film always gives a dreadful feeling as if death is lurking around the corner for these characters.

Umberto D is a great film and depicts very well the hard times people had to face in Italy at this time as well as make the viewer feel pain and sadness for what is happening there.

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