In the 1930s films that were “all-talking” were still just being introduced into the world of cinematography.  Before the 1930s there weren’t full length feature films just shorts. In Europe the first full length “talkie”, as they were nicknamed,  was released in 1928 called The Crimson Circle.  The movie was dubbed over into many different languages around Europe and even in America.

This is the reason M is such a technological marvel for its time period.  M is Fritz Lang’s first attempt to enter the new sound era and his last fim which makes the film even more impressive.  M depicts the dangers and uncertanties of Germany during its time.  Lang takes full advantage of the new sound technologies. (spoiler) Such as his use of the whistle as the killers trademark very creative as this represents the new opportunites sound in film provide.

Films at this time were completely silent unless audible dialouge or sound effects were completely necessary.  it is because of this that M is sort of a bridge between the silent era and the age of sound in film


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