Double Indemnity is a savvy thriller from the good old noir days of cinema. I was born 50 years after the days of noir in cinema but i have always like the dark mysterious setting that they have always had. Double Indemnity is certainly no exception and if not it is one of the best examples of this classic style of film.

Doubel Indemnity is about a soft spoken insurance representative who becomes part of a murder to claim the man’s life insurance after he falls for the femme-fatale.  however the plan backfires when one of his colleague starts to pick up on his trail.

Walter Neff is the protagonist and anti-hero of this film.  He’s is a person who murders a man for money and so he can have his woman yet makes the audience still want to root for him and still care about what happens to him.  When watching the film, the complex crime that Neff was trying to pull off amazed me and he was doing it for this woman who was obviously going to turn on him added suspense but what i enjoyed the most was the fast paced dialogue. Its not something that is seen infilms know-adays and is native to these kind of Noir films.  The way that Walter Neff speaks especially makes the scenes more     exciting

This film also has an idea that is new to film in the 1940s, the femme fatale. Phyllis Dietrichson is a manipulative devious woman who only wants one thing…money.  she is the strong woman in this film and manipulates the weak man (Neff) into doing what she desires with her feminene wiles. Although the movie does have a wierd way of showing this as he does not look like a man driven to murder by love, and Phyllis just seems cold in the relationship. Later after shooting him but not fatally she opens up and says she does care more about their relationship than the money.  After the murder the little romance that could be seen completely dissapeared.

Still Double Indemnity is a great film filled with dark humor and suspense and is a great example of the noir film era.


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